Tree Spraying

Tree Spraying

Timberline Tree Spraying and Fertilizing Your trees' first and best defense against bark beetles.

Tree Spraying

If you’re one of the many families who live or vacation in the Rocky Mountains, you've experienced firsthand the devastation wrought by the worst mountain pine beetle infestation in history. To date, more than 6.4 million acres have been destroyed. And the beetles are spreading at an exponential rate throughout the Rockies.

Homeowners with the foresight to protect their trees from the epidemic have been spared; however, many more property owners now find their dream homes surrounded by a swath of dead and dying trees. As a result, property values have significantly decreased in those areas that were left unprotected.

Fortunately, Timberline Tree Spraying and Fertilizing is here to protect the beauty and value of your trees.

For the past nine years, we've been working with homeowners, HOAs, municipalities and businesses throughout the Rockies, fighting the beetles wherever they show up. We understand the epidemic, the beetles and the issues that follow an outbreak. It doesn't matter if you have two trees or 20,000; if you're in the beetles' path, early detection and rapid response is crucial to saving your trees.

Our mission is to make sure the trees you love so much are just as beautiful today and in the future as they were the day you bought your property. And we accomplish that mission through early detection, spraying (most cost-effective method of protecting your trees), and deep root fertilization.

Don’t gamble on your property. Prevention and maintenance are always safer and more cost effective than any treatment. Get your free quote today and start protecting your trees from these destructive pests.

Your Tree Spraying Experts

At Timberline Tree Spraying and Fertilization, our systematic, professional approach to tree spraying has resulted in a 95% success rate of preventing beetle attacks.

Our proprietary mixture of environmentally friendly sprays is oil-based, so it penetrates the bark quickly to maintain a level of toxicity that lasts for the entire flight of the beetle with just one application. And since it penetrates the bark so thoroughly, it won't wash off during rain or irrigation, and won't contaminate your ground water. And our spraying equipment is powerful enough to reach effective spray heights while keeping the chemicals agitated for maximum coverage.

Unfortunately, once the beetles have infested your property, eradication costs are 10 times more expensive than preventative costs would have been. Not to mention the aesthetic loss and financial impact a stand of dead trees will have on your property value. So it's important to spray early, before the beetles start to move.

Of course, the best method of preventing infestation is a systematic forest management program that includes spraying (to kill the beetles) and deep root fertilization (to keep your trees healthy). And we can implement this program no matter how many – or how few – trees you have on your property.

At Timberline Tree Spraying and Fertilizing:

We have been saving trees for nine years during the largest and worst bark beetle epidemic in Colorado's history. We have adapted to the evolution of these pests, modifying our sprayers to reach higher up the trees as the beetle’s attacks have climbed. We have worked alongside the Colorado State Forest Service, testing our processes along with the performance and environmental safety of the major chemicals used to combat these target pests.

We are thorough in our work; we have a detailed procedure and check list that each crew uses to ensure that each tree has been sprayed properly BEFORE leaving the property. Due to our intense testing, research, training, and thorough tree spraying, we have achieved a 95% success rate in and around Grand County, Colorado, considered by many to be ground zero for the epidemic, and by far the hardest hit area in Colorado.

Why risk the beauty and value of your home and property to companies that are less qualified than Timberline, or on the slim hope that the beetles will pass your property by?

Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, courteous, and well trained. We believe we are the best in the business because we hold ourselves to such high standards. Our supervisors hold the highest levels of licensing offered by Colorado and the surrounding states’ Departments of Agriculture, including forestry, ornamental, turf and noxious weed controls. We maintain our performance integrity through constant education, including ongoing comprehensive personal study and an average of five credit hours a year of formal education.You can rely on us to take on the largest of jobs with the same degree of efficiency and effectiveness as with smaller ones.

At Timberline, we spray each tree as if it were our own. And we look forward to earning your business.

It's time to draw a line in the dirt. It's time to bring in the experts at Timberline Tree Spraying and Fertilizing. Do it today before it's too late. Call 1-719-687-6811 or click here for your free quote.

Tree Spraying Information

After a property has been assessed, and the target pest has been identified, Timberline Tree Spraying and Fertilizing will request the homeowner* flag the valuable trees you want sprayed. (You can purchase brightly colored tape for this purpose but please refrain from using RED and WHITE)

How we spray a tree:

A tree is broken down into three or more sections, depending on the size of the tree. Spraying starts at the top of the tree, slowly coming down the trunk of the tree, then moving over to the next section and so on until the entire tree has been covered. The chemical label states that we should cover the bark only until wet. Spraying too heavily or applying double coverage has no additional advantages and only increases potential ground contamination.

Our spraying period varies according to pest and weather conditions. IPS Beetle – Spraying begins late March. 

Mountain Pine Beetle – Spraying begins early April and continues through mid to late July.

The earlier in the year you contact us, the easier it is to schedule spraying, and to ensure your trees are sprayed in a timely manner.

Once a contract has been filed, a crew will arrive at your property and begin the spraying process. Since the mountain pine beetle flies as high as 30-35 feet, and the IPS beetle even higher, we take a very aggressive approach and spray as high up the trees as possible. To achieve maximum height, our equipment is calibrated to ensure the treetop is sprayed until wet.

Environmentally Friendly

By using environmentally friendly sprays such as Permethrin and Bifenthrin, we have achieved a 95% success rate of preventing beetle attacks.

Permethrin and Bifenthrin are nearly odorless and its effectiveness lasts a full season with just one application. It penetrates the bark quickly, so it won't wash off during rain or irrigation. We also use an adjuvant to each chemical tank mix, which holds the droplet tighter, enabling us to spray higher into the trees. It also allows for faster drying during application, and helps the spray penetrate further into the bark, so more spray stays on the tree.  

To have a Tree Reservation Form filled out and get a free quote, please contact us.

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