Why Timberline?

Why Timberline?

Professional Systems – Timberline services over 2,000 customers every year in the months of April, May and June. In order to handle this intense workload, we have developed professional systems and procedures for every aspect of our business, from operations to administration. This enables us to work around the weather while maintaining our compliance with the Departments of Agriculture. These procedures cover everything from the initial contact to our post-spray inspections and follow-up calls, and are critical in creating a professional working relationship and ensuring quality results. 


Specialization – From our systematic training regimen to our professional spraying equipment, our focus is on protecting and saving your valuable trees from the mountain pine beetle. We are also experts at fighting a host of other bark-boring insects. 


Capability – While weather and other factors have a direct impact on our ability to spray, we have never booked a tree we haven't been able to spray.


Accountability – Over the past ten years, Timberline Tree Spraying and Fertilizing has never booked a tree we haven't been able to spray in time. 


Integrity – We maintain our performance integrity through constant education and training. In the off-season, we research the beetle to ensure our services are up-to-date. We also upgrade our equipment on an annual basis.


Pesticides – As one of the largest purchasers of the pesticide we use, we're able to make bulk purchases and pass the savings on to you. And while offering competitive prices is a top priority, we will never allow that to compromise safety or our ability to provide the industry's best service. 


Equipment – As our understanding of the beetle has changed, along with their ability to adapt, so has the need to update our equipment. Every year, we make the equipment upgrades necessary to ensure we spray as high up the trees as possible, while still achieving maximum bark saturation. Additionally, our research has shown that agitation is a key component in maintaining a consistent solution, so all of our holding tanks incorporate a state-of-the-art agitation system. 


Experience – Since 2003, we've been successfully saving trees in the hardest hit areas of the country, including Grand County, Colorado, considered by many to be Ground Zero for the current epidemic. We've followed the mountain pine beetle across the Rockies, fighting them wherever they appear. We understand the epidemic, the beetles and the issues that follow an outbreak. Due to our extensive research, testing, training and experience, we've achieved over a 95% success rate in preventing successful beetle attacks. And because we've been fighting the beetles for so long, we've adapted to the evolution of these pests, making our experience our company's greatest asset. 

In fact, many of the systems we've implemented address issues our competition either neglects or is simply unaware of.  For instance, we know it takes more than simply spraying a tree to give it the best chance at survival. There are also many other factors to consider, including:


• Solution agitation – Ensures consistency of every application.

• Addition of an adjuvant – Allowing for a wider and deeper surface saturation.

• Freshness of the chemical – We purchase our chemicals the same year we use them.

• Chemical storage – We never allow our chemicals to freeze.


Of course, these are just a few of the issues that need to be addressed to guarantee a safe and effective chemical application. 

Commitment – At Timberline Tree Spraying and Fertilizing, we're committed to 100% customer satisfaction, and we promise to protect every tree as if it were our own.